Just got home from a CHL class with Ethan and Dennis. The class was supposed to be from 8AM to 5PM, we didn't get finished...
a month ago
Christopher Saltzman
Amazing group of folks. I took their CHL class today and, the way they teach is a very hands on approach. From the class room,...
a month ago
Chais Wade
This is an outstanding place to take a course. The pricing, course content, instructor and customer service is great. Thank you for an educational experience...
a month ago
Ralph Weaver
Took the advanced concealed carry class on June 4.. Is well worth the money. Ethan and Dennis are great instructors. In opinion, if you...
6 months ago
eric waddell
Ive now taken one rifle course and sat in with my wife while she took an introductory handgun course. I have participated in a couple...
6 months ago
Alex Bell

Don Noble, PHR

Chief Human Resources Officer, UNITED TITANIUM

“IOF-TWTG provided our Emergency Response Team with valuable information and very useful life saving devices and trained us on their proper use. The IOF group were very professional and interacted well with the students, answering all of their questions. I would highly recommend IOF-TWTG to any organization, group, or person in need of emergency situation training.”