Sylvester Pocius


Retired Marine Corps Staff NCO with operational experience from multiple overseas deployments. Assigned as a Primary Marksmanship and CQB instructor. Was responsible for Pre Deployment and In Theater training of marine units in subjects such as Pistol, Carbine, Shotgun, Precision Rifle, Close Quarter Battle, Mountain and Desert Survival, Rappelling and Fast Roping.

Private Contracting duties include:

Drug Eradication Task Force in Afghanistan. 

Responsible for training Afghan National Police in, Weapons Handling, Team Tactics, Building clearing, and Raid Techniques.

Diplomatic Protection Detail in Iraq:

Primary Responsible was the day to day security and movement of the US Ambassador and any visiting US Dignitaries. 

Secondary duties included keeping the team up to date on their Weapons Handling Skills, Building Clearing and Hostage Rescue Techniques.  

 Currently Chief of Operations and head instructor at EAST Group a firearms training facility in central Ohio. 

Sylvester Pocius

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