Ryan Meeks


Mr. Ryan Meeks brings over 14 years of real world operational, instructional and tactical experience. 

Ryan attended Bethany College (Bethany, WV) and obtained a Bachelor Degree in Biology.  After college Ryan enlisted in the United States Army as a forward observer and later changed his military occupation specialty to become a military police officer. He deployed to Iraq from 2003 to 2005. While overseas Ryan was recruited for the US Department of State.  

After his honorable military service he continued his career with the US Department of State, among companies DynCorp and Blackwater, under the diplomatic protection program. Ryan became an experienced leader while implementing standard operational procedures for protection and assuming command as a shift leader, agent in charge and tactical commander. He provided close-in protection, safe guard and transported single or multiple principal(s) while personnel conducted diplomatic business in Iraq from 2005 to 2007. His duties also included route reconnaissance, route surveys, venue security, and gathering intelligence from agencies for plausible threats. 

Ryan is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in executive protection. He is employed with a fortune 500 Company as a senior executive protection specialist and has provided global security for over a decade. Not only has he planned and managed protection details in high profile venues worldwide, he leads them. Ryan has gained extensive insight by working directly with US Government Officials, Foreign Government Diplomats, CEO’s and celebrities. 

In protection, firearms awareness is held in the highest regard. Therefore, Ryan makes firearms training a priority by assuming an additional assignment with his company as their detail firearms instructor. He also became a commissioned police officer for the Pickerington Police Department (Pickerington, Ohio) and is actively involved in K9 search and rescue.  

Ryan’s primary focus remains to be executive protection, with a secondary focal point on training and instructing. He is a member of the Ohio Tactical Officers Association and obtained instructor certifications in several courses with Advance Weapons International Training and Ohio Police Officers Training Academy.