Lox Battle Wax Bayonet Butter All-Natural Aftershave Balm


Lox Battle Wax’s Cooling Eucalyptus Aftershave Balm


In 1918 the allied trenches were filled with young American Doughboys bravely fighting the “War to End All Wars.” These men had to be prepared for any potential gas attack launched by the enemy and to be prepared these soldiers were issued gas masks to to protect them against the lethal poison. In order to secure a perfect seal th their gas mask their faces had to be clean shaven and every American Doughboy was issued the “Gillette Khaki Set” to conform to the new military shaving requirements. These men would use anyting they could to alleviate razor burn and hydrate their skin after a close shave, but now you can use only the best aftershave balm ever made by man: Bayonet Butter! Whether you need to be clean shaven or just choose to be, Bayonet Butter is the aftershave balm that your clean shaven skin needs and craves! Made with Shea Butter and Mango Butter, this balm is rich in vitamins and nutrients that will hydrate you skin and stave off irritation caused by shaving. Tea Tree Oil, a natural antiseptic that helps heal minor scrapes and nicks, can also be found in the makeup of this 100% All-Natural emollient! The American Doughboy was a SAVAGE on the battlefield and a GENTLEMAN on the ballroom floor. By discioline he was taught to keep his bayonet sharp and his face clean shaven. Bayonet Butter. For the Clean Cut Savage!

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Weight 1.5 oz
Dimensions 2 × 3 × 3 in


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