Ethan began a passion for tinkering at a young age, learning by taking things apart and putting them back together again. He recalls his first experience with firearms at age 8. Which stirred a need to know how they worked. Causing Ethan to take a hobby as an armorer/gunsmith.  July 2011 his family suffered the loss of his mothers passing, ultimately causing Ethan to choose to turn his passion into a career. After obtaining his Ohio Concealed Handgun License he knew there was more to the industry and wanted to become a part of it. February 2016 Ethan certified as a NRA Basic Pistol instructor and NRA Refuse To Be A Victim© instructor. Over time acquiring certifications in Smith & Wesson® Revolver armorer course, Smith & Wesson® M&P Series armorer course, Glock® armorer course, Master AR-15 armorer course and a basic gunsmith course from Ashworth University. Ethan also attends Ohio & Michigan’s Tactical Officers Association every year.

A student for life, Ethan commits himself to train no less than 200 hours per year under as many reputable instructors as possible, which led him to his mentor and now partner Jeff Wilson. Unknown to Ethan at the time would also directly lead to him becoming one of the founding members of IOF-TWTG, LLC. He strongly believes in doing the best he can for his students and customers.

Instructors Ethan has trained under:

Jeff Wilson – IOF-TWTG, LLC.

Pat McNamara – TMACS Inc.

Matt Jacques & Jeff Wood – Victory 1st

Russ Lyons - Cleveland S.W.A.T. / O.T.O.A.

David Carpenter - Cleveland S.W.A.T. / O.T.O.A.

Sylvester Pocius - E.A.S.T. Group

Cyril Cheng - Canada Border Services Agency / M.T.O.A.

John Bostain - Command Presence, LLC.

Rick Shene - Smith & Wesson Corp.

Ben Rios - Glock U.S.A

Chad Albrecht - School Of The American Rifle

SLC Squared Inc.

Lt. Jarred Alden - Akron F.D.

O.S.S. International

David Sirl - MetroHealth

Brian Hillis - Alexander Global Strategies