Classes Offered

IOFTWTG  is a premier world-wide tactical security training company based out of Wooster Ohio. Staff specialties include: Tactical Training for Law Enforcement, Military and Civilians, Executive Protection, Private Security, and Security Consultations & Procedures.

Classes Descriptions


Advanced Concealed Handgun 1

ADVANCED CONCEALED HANDGUN 1 – Completing the Ohio Concealed Handgun License Class or the Basic Concealed Handgun Course is just the beginning of your training. IOF’s Advanced Concealed Handgun 1 is the next step in that journey. This class mainly focuses on the application of getting the gun out of the holster and “into the fight” giving you the insight of how your gear performs for you and creating a realistic expectation of what it takes to fight from concealment.

Class Time: TBD

Advanced Concealed Handgun 2

ADVANCED CONCEALED HANDGUN 2 – Building on the skills developed in Adv. CH 1 of getting the gun out of the concealment and into the fight we ramp up the dynamics by introducing movement. The mantra of this class: Get off the “X.” Single-handed shooting, Multiple Target Engagement, and problem-solving skills are also going to be utilized and honed by the students during this class. No matter what you level of experience shooting from concealment is, this course will challenge you and expand your confidence.

Class Time: TBD

Advanced Concealed Handgun Training

ADVANCED CONCEAL HANDGUN TRAINING – Designed around the life of the Everyday Conceal Carrier we help develop skills to survive a real life self defense encounter. Applying the fundamentals to gain peak performance for each individual student, behind the solid belief that every round should be a good repetition and build muscle memory. With a careful examination of plausible situations we developed this fluid training course to encourage students to become of sound mind and body for personal defense.

Class Time: 8 hours

Concealed Handgun License

CONCEALED HANDGUN LICENSE TRAINING – Ohio’s required training for obtaining a Concealed Handgun License. This is the basic handgun course for all experience levels, applying the basic fundamentals of using a handgun safely and effectively. We focus on the legalities of having a CHL, interaction with Law Enforcement, and the authorization of use of force. Stance, grip, sight picture and alignment, trigger control, myths vs. facts, handgun functions and parts, and more are also taught to the student ensuring proper use of the handgun in a real world scenario. Required by the state of Ohio we spend 6 hours in the classroom and 2 hours at the shooting range.

Class Time: 8 hours


Introduction to Tactical Carbine

INTRODUCTION TO TACTICAL CARBINE – Lead instructor, Steve Pendleton teaching this 8-hour course is designed for students to learn the fundamentals of fighting with a carbine in a tactical environment and in defense of themselves and their family. Steve has been serving in the military for over 11 years in both the Army and the Marine Corps and has been in an instructor position for 7 years for members of law enforcement, while serving in the military, and civilian members of the community. This course will cover zeroing optics and iron sights, mechanical offset, basic disassembly and reassembly of the carbine, and suggested gear set up.

Class Time: TBD

Intermediate Tactical Carbine

INTERMEDIATE TACTICAL CARBINE - Picking up where Introduction left off, this 8-hour course is designed to further push the boundaries of the carbine user. By implementing time standards and adding stress inoculation, students will be honing the skills previously learned. We will be gaining a greater understanding of body mechanics, reactionary responses, understanding efficiency and its overall effect on speed to engage a threat, setting up and clearance of malfunctions, utilizing cover, and more. As a prerequisite to this course students must first attend the Introduction to Tactical Carbine 8-hour course.

Class Time: TBD

Advanced Tactical Carbine

ADVANCED TACTICAL CARBINE – Picking up where Intermediate Tactical Carbine left off, this 8-hour course is designed to introduce students to working in a team environment. This is where speed, fluidity, and communication come together to create a cohesive team-based environment. Students will learn and apply real world safety considerations, transitioning from rifle to pistil, fundamentals of communication, how to work on and around barriers and cover, clearance and coverage during a weapon malfunction. In order to attend this course, students must first complete both Introduction and Intermediate Tactical Carbine.

Class Time: TBD

Precision Rifle

PRECISION RIFLE TRAINING – The precision rifle course was developed for the Basic sniper to advanced Sniper in the LE/Military Realm and developed from there for the civilian market. Course objectives are to instruct on the mathematics of ranging through your glass, reading wind, mirage and a plethora more of information.

Class Time: TBD


Tactical Medicine & Casualty Care

TACTICAL MEDICINE & CASUALTY CARE – M.A.R.C.H. is an acronym used to prioritize the order of care given to the critically wounded. This acronym is how IOF structures our series of TMCC Courses developed for Civilian, Military & Law Enforcement. Following the TCCC/TECC guidelines, this series of classes will teach the students skills needed to help significantly decrease preventable death in the event of any catastrophic event. Whether its car accidents, industrial accidents, and active threat situations sustaining life is our number one priority.

Class Time: 16 Hours

Specialized Training

Church Security Training

CHURCH SECURITY TRAINING – This course can be up to a 7 day course covering proper licenses to have for security teams, weapons systems training, tactical Medicine (Field care under fire), Verbal de-escalation, Force on Force, Situational awareness and physically coming to your church to cover advantages, Weapons system Qualification.

Class Time: 7 Days

School Teacher, Student Training

SCHOOL TEACHER, ADMIN, STUDENT TRAINING – This 3 day course is an intense course to educate the educator. To attend this course you will go through an interview process to qualify. We will cover history of school shootings/massacres  and the mindset of the active shooter/killer, Force on Force, Weapons Training, Care under Fire (Tactical Medicine) and weapons qualification.

Class Time: 3 Days

Self Defense & Awareness

SELF DEFENSE AND AWARENESS –The act of Self-Defense is not about going toe-to-toe or pretending to be a cage fighter with an attacker. It is about defending your life, your innocence, or the life and innocence of your loved ones.

Class Time: TBD

LE/Military Only Courses

LE/MILITARY ONLY COURSES – Please contact us for LE/Military Course descriptions. Courses offered include but not limited to Surveillance/Counter Surveillance, NFDD Certification, Multiple Weapon Systems Training, FLIR/NVGs training, MRAP Driving and use of Armored vehicles, Terrorism/Counter Terrorism, Below 100, K-9 Training in different disciplines.

Class Time: TBD